Wedding Bridal Bangle

Wedding Bridal Bangle

£90.00 GBP

This stunning sterling silver classic bangle which is in our "9-5 collection" weighs 20g which has an additional 925 silver heart attached.

The silver heart in the photo comes from our New Gràdh-cridhe Ceilteach Collection - Celtic Love Hearts in Scottish Gaelic. "Le mòran gaol" which means "with much love", is featured but you can have  any love heart from this collection or perhaps you would prefer to arrange and design your own personal engraving for the big day.

The price  includes the cost of any celtic heart and personal engraving for the second side of the heart. Or option 2 = you may wish a blank heart and so you can choose personal engraving for each side.

This bridal bangle is truly personal and can be worn after the big day to capture the memories for years to come.



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