Zara Necklace - 925 Silver Oval Hammered Chain

Zara Necklace - 925 Silver Oval Hammered Chain

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This gorgeous chain is made from oval soldered hammered links which measure  25mm x 12mm. This suits someone who prefers larger scale jewellery and the 100cm ensures that you can wear it in several styles.  The opera length gives this chain an air of luxury.

The chain is finished off with a classic carabiner clasp placed at each end which means you can wear this piece 4 ways.
✨The chain can be trebled up to make a choker, ✨doubled at 50cm (see picture) 
✨worn long at 100cm

You just link the clasps either together or on any link of your choice. The chain also features a Jewel Tree Edinburgh branded tag.

This versatile stylish necklace is suitable for daytime and evening wear which ensures that you can wear it with any outfit at anytime.
This piece of jewellery is quite simply beautiful and the hammered textured links reflect the natural light which of course makes the chain more eye catching and interesting!

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