925 heavy chain necklace with Albert clasps

925 heavy chain necklace with Albert clasps

£120.00 GBP


If you like chunky heavy silver chain then this is definitely for you. It’s a statement piece. 

✨chunky Rectangular Chain 5.6mm x 11.2mm

✨ beautiful Albert clasp 24mm 

we have a matching bracelet in this range so just check the photo reel for recent images. Top tip is click your bracelet to your necklace to lengthen it! 

✨You can also pick one of our 925 dangles (sold separately) which also feature the classic Albert clasp and can simply clip on and hang from the necklace. 

Necklaces come in 3 sizes 

✨small 40cm 

✨medium 45cm

✨large 50cm 




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