Support Black Lives Matter heart and circle pendants

Support Black Lives Matter heart and circle pendants

£35.00 GBP

Chain length

Selection of BLM pendants 

For every pendant sold we will donate a % to a local charity whose mission is to eradicate racism in society. Our chosen charity is Intercultural Youth Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 IYS is a Scottish registered charity. 

IYS supports young Black Indigenous and People of Colour. Young BIPOC need your support to face the additional challenges they face day to day based upon their colour, ethnicity, nationality, cultural or national origin. 


1. The heart is 19mm wide and long 

2. The round disc is 17mm diameter 

3. The round rose gold disc is 13mm 

All pendants are engraved on both sides 

  • Option 1 and 2 are identical side 1 has #BLM + side 2 has No justice No peace 
  •  Option  3 has 8:46 on side 1 and #BLM on side 2 to ensure we remember how long George Floyd could not breathe as he was killed. Personally I’ve been unable to stop thinking about this death. It’s important not to forget.
  • chains are 18” or 20”

We have been chatting to the Director and founder of IYS and our next project will be to work with “Girl R” who is described on the  Blog page on the IYS website.
She suffered Racism and hate crime in school in Scotland with several teachers also “reinforcing cultural destructiveness”. She has received support from IYS since 2016. It’s now time to celebrate her success. Please read her blog and see what amazing work IYS does. “Girl R” is now at university. Girl R will soon be heard via this range and it will be her voice you hear soon.

Watch this space because we want this collection  to be authentic and so it would be amazing if you could support this. 

When you get to the checkout please pop a note there in the “Notes section”, to say what chain length you prefer. 18 or 20 inches

thanks 🙏 





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