BLM awareness collection

Welcome to this new emerging BLM awareness collection.

We are collaborating with Intercultural Youth Scotland, “IYS”, a registered charity based in Scotland. They support young Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) Scots. 

IYS suggested that we collaborate and work with a young black woman referred to as "girl R" on the IYS blog,  in order to engrave her personal message soon. This way we reflect a young black voice. "Girl R",  has received support from IYS since 2016. She's now studying at University. 

We also propose to donate % of sale proceeds to IYS every single time we sell anything from this awareness collection. 

Please support IYS on their social media platforms. We are excited to be supporting them. Please also support our community work by sharing the news about this fundraising collection for such a worhthwhile charity. 

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